Monday, December 17, 2007

Rébus Vulcain

Spock's message to Earth
( waiting for your translation)


Nubian Greene said...

very nice image!

Erick Alcantara said...

Hello Beatrice, I'm erik from mexico I meet your work by the traintamarre animated film and I think you are great and I would like you give me any recomendation or something you know about schools where I can learn illustration as a degree or any way. I have a graphic desing title and I want to give another step learning this subject wich I think complements my studies. Thanks for the help you should do for me.send you greetings. bye for now.

Anonymous said...

Live long and prosper ?

Mr Fabulon said...

Je dois avoir un vieux grimoire en Vulcains traduit du Sanskrit solaire de l'ère prototibiaque. Je vous tient au courant si je découvre le sens caché de ces inscriptions...

Anonymous said...

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kanishk said...

Very cute work!

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